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Measuring Up!

Hands! They are our first and most reliable tools for relating to the world around us, instrumental for counting,...

By Elin / December 13, 2017

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Where The Heart Is

Home is where the heart is. This is a sentiment that nearly everyone shares and it only seems to intensify...

By Elin / December 6, 2017

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Our Favorite Photography Books of 2017!

Compiled by Suzanne Révy and Elin Spring It’s award season in the Photobook world and, perhaps...

By Elin / December 5, 2017

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'Tis The Season!

Well, here we are on the brink of December. After an unusually warm fall, winter is finally kicking in for the holidays....

By Elin / November 30, 2017

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Alchemy originated during medieval times, a rudimentary precursor to chemistry that sought to transform...

By Elin / November 29, 2017

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The Thrill of Discovery!

It is undeniably thrilling to discover something that I never expected to find in a photograph. Whether...

By Elin / November 28, 2017


Views from a Velib

Guest Blog by J. Sybylla Smith The biannual celebration of photography, The Mois de Photo, will be held...

By Elin / November 18, 2017


The Sky Is The Limit!

Guest Blog by J. Sybylla Smith This 21st Paris Photo was held for the 7th year in the majestic Grand...

By Elin / November 17, 2017


Sturm und Drama!

What do playful penguins slipping, sliding and leaping off an iceberg have in common with oil-soaked...

By Elin / November 14, 2017

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In Harmony

By Elin Spring and Suzanne Révy “Scrambled eggs, Oh you’ve got such lovely legs, Scrambled eggs....

By Elin / November 8, 2017


Best Photo Picks November 2017!

Sweetness & Light!  That's what I need in these quickly darkening days, marked by one political...

By Elin / November 1, 2017


"What I Remember" from FlashPoint Boston Portfolios

"And all the roads we have to walk are winding And all the lights that lead us there are blinding There...

By Elin / October 25, 2017