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Curator's Viewpoint: Karen Haas

This weekend, Karen Haas will be honored with the 2016 New England Beacon FOCUS Award from the Griffin...

By Elin / October 27, 2016


Irrepressible Imogen!

How is it that a photographer as prolific and beloved as Imogen Cunningham (1883-1976) is hardly known...

By Elin / October 25, 2016



One of the grand feats of powerful imagery is its ability to transport you to faraway lands and ensconce...

By Elin / October 20, 2016

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The Thrill Is Here!

If your eyes are the window to your soul, perhaps the art you collect should be considered a veritable...

By Elin / October 18, 2016


Horrible, But Not Deplorable

If you’ve had enough cut-throat mudslinging this election season, here’s a treat for you. Photographer...

By Elin / October 13, 2016

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"Ghosts in my eye"

“Ghosts in my eye under the shroud cry leave me here no more.” - Excerpted from “Take...

By Elin / October 12, 2016

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Beyond Reckoning

The desert Southwest echoes with tales of rustic beauty and untamed wildness. In “Beyond Reckoning”,...

By Elin / October 11, 2016


Manhattan Musts!

Picture this: a photography lover goes to Manhattan for two days, two days.  A lively start to the fall season...

By Elin / October 7, 2016

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Boston Bounty!

Boston has a bounty of photographic events on tap in October and, interestingly, most of them are celebratory....

By Elin / October 5, 2016


A New & Mysterious Art

What is so enthralling about photographs made using ancient techniques? With digital technology spurring...

By Elin / October 4, 2016


Obsession! The Collections of Samuel Wagstaff & W.M. Hunt

Guest blog by Suzanne Révy Sam Wagstaff’s insatiable curiosity about the medium of photography...

By Elin / September 28, 2016

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Irving Penn: Beyond Beauty

Without a doubt, the photography show with the biggest buzz in Boston right now is “Irving Penn: Beyond...

By Elin / September 26, 2016