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The Power of Suggestion

Book review by Contributing Writer Suzanne Révy There is a moment each morning when I am no longer...

By Elin / March 23, 2017


Dark City, Dazzling Vision!

Head’s up! Lynn Saville’s entrancing solo show “Dark City: Urban America at Night” is on view...

By Elin / March 21, 2017


Think Different!

My favorite thing about abstract art is how freeing it is. The way inspired photographs transport me on imaginative...

By Elin / March 16, 2017

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To Be Seen!

The concept is clear as day, simple really: each of us wants to be seen and appreciated for the full...

By Elin / March 14, 2017

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On Walden Pond

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of naturalist, writer, and philosopher Henry David...

By Elin / March 9, 2017

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My Mother, Myself

It is one thing to make portraits and another thing entirely to make self-portraits. Photographer Sage...

By Elin / March 7, 2017

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Watching You Watching Me

How we see one another depends on our point of view, and there are tons of those. Images of ourselves...

By Elin / March 2, 2017

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Forward March!

In New England, March is that dodgy month when one day feels like Spring and the next like Winter, a sure...

By Elin / March 1, 2017


Crash Course!

Our proudly diverse country includes an abundance of distinctive micro cultures, some of which are nearly...

By Elin / February 28, 2017


"Wild & Precious"

If there is such a thing as a second chance at childhood, the birth of a baby is perhaps the most hopeful...

By Elin / February 16, 2017


Love Letters

Guest Blog by Suzanne Révy In her inaugural show as Chief Curator at the Newport Art Museum in Rhode...

By Elin / February 14, 2017


A Separate Peace

Would you welcome a tranquil and contemplative state of mind right now? How about spending some winter...

By Elin / February 7, 2017