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L'Enfant dans L'Amour

Guest book review by Suzanne Révy I recently discovered the work of Olivia Bee when I saw her monograph...

By Elin / August 9, 2016


Shoot For The Moon!

"Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." - Norman Vincent Peale How...

By Elin / August 2, 2016


Second That Emotion!

A dance of expressions, gestures, and mysteries generate emotional magic across the Main Gallery walls...

By Elin / July 28, 2016


Ahead Of Their Time!

They were a rare breed: female photographers in the early to mid-1900’s. Lotte Jacobi and Lisette Model...

By Elin / June 30, 2016

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Forever Young!

"May your hands always be busy, May your feet always be swift, May you have a strong foundation When...

By Elin / June 28, 2016


Growing Up Is Hard To Do

The LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph in Charlottesville, Virginia last week hosted a lively and broad...

By Elin / June 23, 2016

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Photographer As Champion!

One of the superstar photographers featured at LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph last week was Nick Brandt,...

By Elin / June 22, 2016

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Leading Lady!

The LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph was in full swing last week in the artsy college town of Charlottesville,...

By Elin / June 21, 2016

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Daddy's Got A Camera

Guest blog by Suzanne Révy Driving with a child in the back seat of the car can lead to plenty of arguments...

By Elin / June 16, 2016


May You Live In Interesting Times!

Fantasy is like poetry; it can point to the truth. - Arnold Newman Artist Fran Forman has gained...

By Elin / June 15, 2016

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Reinventing the Family

Just as every culture has a creation myth, each of our families creates its own mythology that changes...

By Elin / June 14, 2016


"In The Skin I'm In"

How large is the gulf between who you are and who others presume you are? Photographer Nicole Buchanan...

By Elin / June 9, 2016