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Curator's Viewpoint: Kristen Gresh

I first encountered Kristen Gresh, Estrellita and Yousuf Karsh Curator of Photographs at the Museum...

By Elin / June 22, 2017

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Memory Unearthed!

I’ll be perfectly honest, it was hard for me to willingly view a photography exhibit about the profound...

By Elin / June 20, 2017

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Signs of Summer!

Finally, some signs of summer: lush flora, evening light, alfresco seating! Even with the recent wave...

By Elin / June 15, 2017

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32 Reasons to STARE!

Photojournalist Walker Evans (American, 1903 – 1975) was one of the great observers of American culture...

By Elin / June 13, 2017

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Don't Worry, Be Happy!

How have you been enjoying the unrelenting, nearly incomprehensible (covfefe?!?) barrage of information...

By Elin / June 8, 2017


Within You and Without You

“Try to realize it's all within yourself, no-one else can make you change And to see you're really...

By Elin / June 6, 2017

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Take Flight!

It’s a dream we’ve all had, isn’t it? To fly? In an inspired group show curated by the Griffin...

By Elin / May 31, 2017

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Each year, the Photographic Resource Center (PRC) in Boston invites national photographers to submit...

By Elin / May 16, 2017

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Mother May I?

By Contributing Writer Suzanne Révy Leo Tolstoy began his novel Anna Karenina with the sentence, “All...

By Elin / May 11, 2017


Vanishing Act

It always amazes me how some of the most transcendent artistic creations have surged from profound pain....

By Elin / May 9, 2017

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Somewhere Between Knowledge & Uncertainty

Can you remember your childlike wonder at natural phenomena like moonrise, sunset and the migration of constellations...

By Elin / May 3, 2017

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May 2017 "Best Photo Picks"!

May, finally!  With promised flowers and all.  As with every spring bloom in Boston, there's lots going...

By Elin / May 1, 2017